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The Movistar Half Marathon of Madrid will be held on the 3th April 2022, at Paseo de la Castellana (hotel Villa Magna) in Madrid. The finish line will be in Paseo de Recoletos (number 12).

09:15 hs. Start 1. Boxes until 1h40’

09:18 hs. Start 2. Boxes until 1h50’

09:21 hs. Start 3. Boxes until 2h00’

09:24 hs. Start 4. Boxes more than 2hs00’

Yes, the maximum time to complete the 5K - ProFuturo Race is 50 minutes, while for the Movistar Half Marathon of Madrid the maximum time to complete the distance is 3 hours.
For both the Movistar Half Marathon of Madrid and the 5K race - ProFuturo, you can sign up through their official websites, and and also at the EXPO (50€)

Absolute (M and F): Includes all categories (except wheelchair) and ages.

  • Sub 20 (M y F): Born in 2002 to 2003 (18 years old on the day of the race)
  • Sub 23 (M y F): Born in 1999 to 2001
  • Senior (M y F): Born in 1998 to 2001
  • Master 35 (M y F): From 35 to 39
  • Master 40 (M y F): From 40 to 44
  • Master 45 (M y F): From 45 to 49
  • Master 50 (M y F): From 50 to 54
  • Master 55 (M y F): From 55 to 59
  • Master 60 (M y F): From 60 to 64
  • Master 65 (M y F): From 65 to 69
  • Master 70 (M y F): From 70 to 74
  • Master 75 (M y F): From 75 to 79
  • Master 80 (M y F): From 80 to 84
  • Master 85 (M y F): From 85
The runner's bag, dorsal-chip and t-shirt of the two races will be picked up exclusively at the Expo Movistar Half Marathon in Madrid (Polideportivo Gallur. Calle Gallur, 2. Madrid) on the 1st and 2nd of April 2022, from 10:00 h to 20:00 h.
Yes, access is free for runners, partners and the general public.
In order to pick up the race number you must show the receipt or copy of the inscription and the ID or passport. In order to pick up the runner's bag and the t-shirt, the runner must be in possession of the race number.
In the case that a runner cannot come to the EXPO to collect his number, it can be picked up by another person as long as he carries the receipt or copy of the inscription plus a photocopy of the ID and an authorization signed by the runner.
The chip is a dorsal-chip type, so it is stuck to the back of the number and is for single use only, it does not have to be returned at the end of the test. It is collected at the runner's EXPO.
Yes, it will be available from 7:30 am in the surroundings of the exit, in the Plaza de Colón.
Yes, they will be located at the start and finish line, as well as at km 11 of the Movistar Half Marathon in Madrid.
Both the Movistar Half Marathon in Madrid and the 5K - ProFuturo have liquid and solid supplies at the finish line. In addition, the half marathon has liquid refreshment at kilometre 5, and liquid and solid refreshment at kilometre 10 and 15.
Yes, the Regulations reflect the official rules of the Half Marathon, which must be known and followed by all participants. Non-knowledge of the regulations does not exempt them from being followed.
No. It is strictly forbidden to go with runners on bicycles, skates or any other type of vehicle.
Yes, in the Movistar Half Marathon of Madrid there will be starting boxes. To be able to access these boxes it is necessary to communicate to the Organisation, at the time of registration, the credited personal mark, which must be equal or less than the time of the box to which you would like to take part. To confirm the mark, only the time made in the last two years and in approved Half Marathon races will be accepted. Élite – Sub 1h 14’, 1h 15’ – 1h 22’, 1h 23’ – 1h 30’, 1h 31’ – 1h 40’, 1h 41’ – 1h 45’, 1h 46 – 1h 50’, 1h 51’ – 1h 55’, 1h 56’ – 2h and more than 2h.
The organization will have pacemakers for the times of 1h 25', 1h 30', 1h 35', 1h 40', 1h 45', 1h 50', 1h 55', 2h, 2h 05' and 2h 10'. For each time there will be three pacemakers.
Yes, at the time of registration you can request the recording of the medal.

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