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Frequent questions


First of all, should I read the rules of the event?

We know that we almost never pay attention to it, but it takes only 5 minutes and it would clarify many doubts. The official rules of the race are mandatory for all participants.

When and where is the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon?

This one is easy. The Movistar Madrid Half Marathon will be held on April 7, 2024 in Madrid. The start will be at 9:15 am from the Paseo de la Castellana, at the height of the hotel Villa Magna, while the finish line will be located on the Paseo de Recoletos, at the height of number 12, although both may vary a few meters because we are awaiting confirmation by the homologation.

Are there wave starts?

To make it easier for everyone to run at our own pace from the start, and without stopping, there will be the following waves:

  • 09:15 h. Departure 1. Boxes up to 1h40
  • 09:18 h. Departure 2. Boxes up to 1h50
  • 09:21 h. Departure 3. Boxes up to 2h00
  • 09:24 h. Departure 4. Boxes more than 2:00 h

But that does not mean that we have to be at the start at different times. We all have to be ready before 9:15 am. We will publish on the web and RRSS how to access the boxes and the bib colors of each time block.

Is there a time limit to finish the race?

Yes, the maximum time to finish the race is 3 hours.

Where can I register?

Registrations are available until March 27 until 23:59 h on the official website,, on the home page of this website you have a direct link. You can also register at the runner's EXPO, but at a price of €65.

What are the registration deadlines and prices?

  • Till April 30th or first 3,000 slots €20
  • From May 1 to Jun 15, €30
  • From Jun 16 to September 30 €35
  • From October 1 to February 29 €40
  • From March 1 to March 27 or sold out: €45
  • Registration at the runner's Expo 65 €

+3 € day insurance for those who do not have an athletics license by the RFEA (Spanish Athletics Federation).

What are the categories of the race?

  • Absolute (Male and Female): includes all the categories
  • U-20 (M and F): Born in 2005 and 2006 (of legal age on the day of the race).
  • U-23 (M and F): Born from 2002 to 2004.
  • Senior (M and F): Born from 2001 to 35 years old.
  • Master 35 (M and F): From 35 to 39 years old.
  • Master 40 (M and F): From 40 to 44 years old.
  • Master 45 (M and F): From 45 to 49 years old.
  • Master 50 (M and F): From 50 to 54 years old
  • Master 55 (M and F): From 55 to 59 years of age
  • Master 60 (M and F): From 60 to 64 years old
  • Master 65 (M and F): From 65 to 69 years of age
  • Master 70 (M and F): From 70 to 74 years of age
  • Master 75 (M and F): From 75 to 79 years of age
  • Master 80 (M and F): From 80 to 84 years of age
  • Master 85 (M and F): More than 85 years old.

Note: All the Master categories are according to the age on race day.

Where and when do I pick up the BIB number, T-shirt and athlete's bag?

The collection of the athlete’s bag, bib-chip and T-shirt will take place exclusively at the Expo (Distrito Telefónica. Avda. Ronda de la Comunicación, s/n. Edificio Servicos, Plata 1ª. Madrid) on April 4 from 1 pm to 8 pm, and on April 5 and 6 from 10 am to 8 pm.

Access is free for runners, accompanying persons and general public and you can arrive on public transportation by Metro (Line 10) and Bus (Line 172) and there is also a free parking at site.

How do I know my bib number?

The organization sends an email to all the participants the week before the event communicating your bib number. If you have not received it, check your spam or junk mail folder. You can also check it through a link that will be published on the official website of the race.

What do I need to pick up the BIB number and the athletes's bag?

To pick up the BIB number, you must present the receipt or copy of the registration and your ID or passport. There will be also an area to pick up the athlete's bag and the official Joma T-shirt of the race, for which it will be essential to present the BIB number.

How can I pick up my BIB number if I cannot go to the EXPO?

In the event that an athlete cannot come to the expo to pick up his/her bib number, it can be picked up by another person as long as he/she has the receipt or copy of the registration plus a photocopy of the ID card and an authorization signed by the athlete.

What chip is used and when is it collected?

The chip is attached to the back of the bib number and is for single use only. It does not have to be returned at the end of the race. It is collected at the runner's expo. It is very important not to bend, detach or manipulate in any way the chip because it can be damaged and you will not appear in the classification.

Is there a baggage/cloakroom service?

Yes, it is free and will be available from 7:30 a.m. at the Plaza de Colón, about 400 meters from the start. With your bib number you will be given a sticker with your bib number. Remember to wear it for an easier classification and location of your belongings. Remember to try not to leave valuables and bring a backpack to store everything.

Are there toilets and where are they located?

Yes, there are many toilets at the start/finish area.

Where are the energy stations located?

There will be liquid refreshments at approximately kilometres 5, 10, 14.6 and 19 and then at the finish area. At the finish you will be given a special bag with liquid and solid refreshments thanks to the collaboration of AhorraMas supermarkets.

Can anyone accompany me on the bike during the race?

No. It is strictly forbidden to accompany runners on bicycles, roller skates or any other type of vehicle. The federative regulations sanction this with disqualification. Besides, they can unintentionally cause an accident and we all have the illusion of finishing the race without incident.

Are there starting boxes?

Yes, for a start more in accordance with the pace of each person, the following boxes are established according to the estimated times at the finish line: Elite - Sub 1h14, 1h15-1h22, 1h23-1h30, 1h31-1h40, 1h41-1h45, 1h46-1h50, 1h51-1h55, 1h56-2h and more than 2h.

In order to access these boxes, it is necessary to inform the Organisation, at the time of registration, of the accredited personal best, which must be equal to or less than the time of the box for which you wish to apply. To certify the personal best, only times achieved in the last two years and in approved Half Marathon events will be valid.

Are there pacemakers in the race?

Of course there are. We have a team of 40 expert runners to take you to the finish line at the pace you choose... or can. We will have pacers, properly identified, for these times: 1h25, 1h30, 1h35, 1h40, 1h45, 1h50, 1h55, 2h, 2h5 and 2h10.

Can I engrave the finish medal?

Yes, you can engrave your name and brand. -It will be a great souvenir. At the time of registration you can request the engraving of the medal at the price of 6€. You can also have it engraved at the finish line, in a tent in the cloakroom area, at the price of 10 €.

Are there showers at the finish line?

No, sorry. A course that starts and finishes in the city centre means that we don't have the facilities to offer showers to so many participants, nor the space to put portable showers.

Are refreshments given in glass or bottle?

All refreshments are served in 0.33 litre bottles to make it easier to drink during the race. Please be careful where you throw the bottles after drinking.

Are there any accommodation offers for those who come from abroad?

Of course there is. Rafael Hoteles is a runners friendly accommodation! Where the elite stays and where you will have many options: discount on rates, breakfast on Sunday from 6:30 am, daily menus adapted and at a special price for athletes, possibility of having your bib number in the hotel, late check out... In the Practical Info section of the website you have the information.

What is the official app of the race?

The Official App of the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon, available for free on the App Store and Google Play, allows you to show your position during the race and be followed by friends and family. You will be able to follow the runners in real time and check their time at the intermediate crossing points. You will also be able to consult the most relevant information about the race: rules, news, accommodation, galleries, runner's expo.... Download it!!!

Will I be able to have photos of my participation in the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon?

We put at your disposal a lot of photographers through Pica, a leading company in providing photos for races. Visit the website or download the Pica app on your mobile phone, and there you will be able to see and buy the photos you want at a special price.

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