Madrid City Council and Ecoembes join forces for the sustainability at the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon

Madrid City Council and Ecoembes join forces for the sustainability at the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon

Madrid City Council and Ecoembes, as part of their collaboration agreement, will implement various actions as part of a sustainability plan for the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon.

Along the route and at the finish line, a total of 90 containers will be distributed to help with the trash (bottles, gels…) during the race. In addition, activities will be organised in the days leading up to the race to raise awareness of the importance of recycling.

Thus, both the Madrid City Council and Ecoembes, the non-profit environmental organisation that coordinates the recycling of packaging in Spain, will activate a protocol that will be developed before, during and after the race.

At the runner's expo there will be an information area where recycling activities will be carried out to raise awareness among participants so that they know which container to put their packaging and waste in. In addition, all registered runners will receive a newsletter by e-mail with the necessary instructions for efficient recycling.

On the day of the event, 60 containers will be placed along the route to collect the participants' packaging waste during the race (containers for gels, bars, bottles, etc.), and another 30 containers at the finish line. A total of 90 units to guarantee recycling during the race. In addition, to ensure that the containers are deposited inside the containers, these will be provided with a target for the runner to basket them, assisted by support staff who will facilitate their work.

Similarly, a team of staff trained in waste recovery will ensure that the protocol is properly followed during the race. This activation for the recycling of packaging involves not only the participants of the event, but also the organising staff of the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon, as well as those accompanying the runners and the general public.

With this sustainability plan, Madrid City Council is responding to its commitment to protect the urban environment during mass sporting events, while at the same time endorsing its support for popular sport and collaborating with healthy lifestyle habits in the city of Madrid itself.

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