The Movistar Madrid Half Marathon 2023 had an economic impact on the city of 14.6 million euros

The Movistar Madrid Half Marathon 2023 had an economic impact on the city of 14.6 million euros

The Movistar Madrid Half Marathon has presented the data of the economic and social study generated in its last edition in 2023, which had a total economic impact on the city of a total of 14.6 million euros on the GDP and generated an increase in the income of the people of Madrid of 6.8 million euros, adding the figures of the indirect, direct and induced impact. The estimated direct tax revenue generated by the race last March was approximately 2 million euros.

The total economic impact of the Movistar Madrid Half Marathon 2023 exceeded 14 and a half million euros, of which 8 million were generated directly by the event. Among other significant data, the study carried out by the European University shows that almost 900 jobs were generated during the event, and that on a scale of 1 to 10, the participants indicated their degree of satisfaction with an average score of 8.8, improving by more than 1 point on the rating of 2022.

It can be deduced from the survey among the runners that the average expenditure per participant and accompanying persons exceeds 102 euros per person, which in turn has a direct impact on the city of 44.30 euros.

In addition, there are other very interesting statistics, such as the average age of the participants, which stands at 45 years old, with a percentage of more than 20% of women in the event. As for foreigners (17% of the total of more than 17,000 runners), the study corroborates that they spend more than 3 nights in Madrid to attend the race, and that most of them come with two companions for each registered runner. Non-Madrilenian national athletes spent at least one night on average in the capital.

Participants living abroad spent an average of 588.44 euros per person during their stay in Madrid. In turn, the average expenditure of attendees from other regions of Spain (18% of the total) was 239.49 euros per person.

This report has been carried out by researchers specialising in the area of economic and sports management at the European University, following the ethical criteria and independence of the international scientific community, compiling data from the organisation itself as well as from information published by government bodies, such as the INE, the Community of Madrid and the Madrid City Council.

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